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Importance of the Indian Cow and her Protection (KRSNA, the Cow Protector)

Lord Krishna,the ultimate soul,the creator of mankind is everybody's well wisher. He takes care of all the beings especially cows and Brahmins. From his childhood days he has been taking care of cows and has continued his efforts gor their betterment.

Man and woman complete each other similarily only cows are not important Bulls play an equally important role. If there had been no bulls agriculture had been very difficultfrom the ancient times. The holy rites performed by saints in the form of yajanas had been impossible without cows and bulls as the former gives milk and ghee while the latter gave barley grains, twigs etc. Without which the yajanas couldn't be considered sacred. There are many instances which portray the love of Lord Krishna for cows. Here is one such instance . Once mother Yashoda told Lord Krishna that he had a big wound from the thorn in his feet and she would get him a pair of slippers. Mother if only you can get slippers for all these cows first then only I can wear these slippers came the instant reply.
Lord Rama is considered the son of cows too apart from mother Kaushalya. As after the yajna Mother Kaushalya was made to consume the holy milk porridge made from the very reverent milk.
The emergence of cows came from the churning of ocean i.e. Samudra Manthan. Ganga the purest river resides in the urine of cow. Cow has all the virtues of a mother i.e. caring,giving,nuturing. So save GAU and SAVE OUR MOTHER..

King Vikram and Cow Protection

Once upon a time King Indra was reigning happpily over his heavenly kingdom when Saint Narad came and said that there was no other king on the earth better than King Vikram who was an embodiment of power, kindness, humility and generosity. He always did what he says. Whatever came to his mind he said and the very likely he did.

He was very courteous, cultured and humble. Everyone present in the Indra's court was surprised by the qualities of the king. Mother Kamadhenu, the holy heavenly cow said that there was nothing to get surprised and what was the reason of their doubt? She said that our vedas and puranas said that there is no question of doubting the power of generosity , kindness,penances, acts of good politics, strength of inner knowledge. As all these were jwels and were protected by Earth.Similarily King Vikram being an embodiment of all these was a precious jewel of Earth.
Listening all this King Indra asked Kamadhenu to go to Earth and test king Vikram's virtues like humility, honesty,forgiveness, kindness, service orientedness which any famous king would possess. Kamadhenu descended to Earth and took a form of a weak and helpless cow. She pretended to get stuck in a mud pool and was unable to get out. King Vikram came near her. She cried and cried, shivered and panicked as if she was about to die.
Vikram helped her brought her out . he took her care showered his love and compassion on her. He gaurded her untill dark. He guarded her well fully alert and awake the whole night. As the Sun rose, Kamadhenu woke up and found herself safe and sound being guarded by the king himself.Looking at his love compassion and determination she said to him that she was Kamadhenu The heavenly holy cow who descended here to test himof his virtues and as she was impressed by his kindness determination and selfless love. She said no other king could be compared to you. She said that she being plased by his action wants to give him something so he should ask whatever he wants. The king replied that with her blessings on his head he had everything he needed. And he never knew what he didnot have and what she wanted him to ask. To this Mother Kamadhenu replied that as she cannot recall what she promised to the king so she will remain with him. And hence she followed..

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This website has been dedicated to the mother of gaus KAMDHENU.. From the ancient times gaus are prayed and worshipped as an embodiment of mother.. Lord Krishna considered gaus as sacred. He loved them a lot. But in todays scenario Indian cows are totally neglected and rather they are being replaced by jersey cows. Through this website we make an attempt to save our mothers our gaus from slaughtering and give them their dignified positions back which worth worshipping.

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