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Gaumata's Role In Farmer's Life


From time immemorial GAUMATA has been an incredible part of a farmer's life. A farmer's life is incomplete without indian cow. Farmer who is the backcone of Indian economy has a few basic needs :-

  • good yield
  • fertile soil
  • healthy family
  • security for lifetime
  • Earliar farmers used to have Indian cows in their homes and also used them as an integral part of their agriculture. They lived a free,healthy and debtless life. There are many advantages of an Indian cow.

Business PointOf View

Now a days farmers are using tractors and pesticides in place of Indian cows which end them in heavy debts and ultimately forcing them to commit suicides.Loan for tractors , its maintenance and heavy costs of pesticides is unbearable for a poor farmer.
What he earn is lost in the EMI's of loan and the only left amount is less for his survival. Whereas if in place of these things he uses Indian cow the costs of pesticides and fretilizers can be saved by using cow dung and urine which is far more beneficial and makes the land fertile whereas by using pesticides yield can be good for somrtime but the soil becomes infertile in a span of few years and then more loan to again plough it.
By having an Indian cow we also get bulls and agriculture done with the help of cows and bulls is much better and has a market value 10 times more than the yield we get by using tractor and pesticides.Therefore by having Indain cow we have a total profit as it requires nothing but gives everything.
It is a ZERO MAINTENANCE animal. It consumes what is waste for us and in return gives us all the beneficial things.


Even spiritually having an Indian cow in our homes is considered holy. GAUMATA is considered as the abode of deties. It gives lots of blessings to the people who takes its care.
All the evil things the house has it takes it all over herself and gives happiness and good health to the family members. If we take care of gaumata we get the blessings of all the deties. Prosperity comes to those people who have Indian cows.So it is better to stop using tractors and replace them by Indian cows to have a good yield and also profit.Using Indian cows helps a farmer to save money for the future of their kids. So have GAUMATA and have a BRIGHT FUTURE... HARE KRISHNA!!


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Dedicated To

This website has been dedicated to the mother of gaus KAMDHENU.. From the ancient times gaus are prayed and worshipped as an embodiment of mother.. Lord Krishna considered gaus as sacred. He loved them a lot. But in todays scenario Indian cows are totally neglected and rather they are being replaced by jersey cows. Through this website we make an attempt to save our mothers our gaus from slaughtering and give them their dignified positions back which worth worshipping.

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