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Gau Mata's Milk V/S Other Milk

Milk in india from very ancient times is considered sacred. A glass of milk speaks of parental dedication, abundance and health. There is a lot of trust in the power of milk. It is a main source of nutrient for everyone from old to young. Vegetarians get almost all the animal protein from dairy products. the name of cow also brings a spiritual and holy thought in our minds due to its high place in the hindu mythology. Cow is considered as our mother and as mother is worth worshipping therefore cows are worshipped and all cows are considered as goddess kamadhenu the cow of plenty now a days cows are being crossbred and in place of holy Indian cows we have jersey cows which are poisonous for our society. Farmers think that Indian cows do not give enough milk and hence the approach jersey cows. But that is not true In 2011, a pure Gir broke its own record by delivering a daily yield of 56.17 kilolitres. Instead of finding the reason for low yield in india , Indian government adopted the way of crossbreeding Indian cows with foreign bulls and semen as a result we have jersey cows now a day and instead of healthy and pure milk we have unhealthy and impure.

DNA of an Indian cow contains an amino acid PROLINE. This proline got converted to HISTIDINE due to mutation. Proline is attached to its neighbor ISOLEUCINE very firmly but histidine is not. Hence during human digestion of milk protein it breaks easily to form casomorphin called BCM7. BCM7, an opioid, is a strong oxidant and has harmful effects on human body. Milk having BCM7 is called A1 milk and milk without it is A2 milk. Milk of an Indian cow is A2 type as it does not contain BCM7 and many researchers have concluded that milk of an Indian cow is very healthy and also a cure to many diseases. Ayurveda is also a proof of the fact that many in curable diseases can be cured by GAUMATA’S milk and many diseases can be incurred by having jersey cows milk.

Gaumata’s milk contain many micronutrients and minerals which improve our immune system. Gaumata has a Surya Ketu Nadi which can be felt as a small cavity on the backbone of the humped indain cow as we move our fingers onto it. This nadi according to our ayurvedic texts have the power to attract and absorb sun’s energy and so all the secretions made by gaumata like milk ,urine,dung are as pure as sun and also contain many vitamins which we get from sun. Ideally human body should have calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1. By counting on jersey cow’s A1 type milk we end up having magnesium deficiency as it contains the ratio of 10:1 resulting in imbalance. Magnesium acts as a master molecule in human body and is required in more than 300 processes in human body and by consuming jersey cow’s milk and ending up having magnesium deficiency we invite various diseases like

  • Autism
  • Sudden death Syndrome in infants.
  • Cardiac problems
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Intolerance bloating
  • Obesity
  • Mental disorders etc

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This website has been dedicated to the mother of gaus KAMDHENU.. From the ancient times gaus are prayed and worshipped as an embodiment of mother.. Lord Krishna considered gaus as sacred. He loved them a lot. But in todays scenario Indian cows are totally neglected and rather they are being replaced by jersey cows. Through this website we make an attempt to save our mothers our gaus from slaughtering and give them their dignified positions back which worth worshipping.

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